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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 690 Treating Feng Xindou ubiquitous animated
“Certainly, and i also are obligated to pay my well being for your requirements, my savior…” Feng Xiandou who profoundly resembled Lian Li turned to view him using a pa.s.sionate gaze, certainly experiencing some sort of love toward him, who just dragged her from a black and vacant golf hole and preserved her lifestyle.
“Continue, medical professional. Do whatever you decide to desire for the ‘treatment’.” Feng Xindou said to him with her eyes closed up.
“Just do it, medical professional. Do whatever you decide and desire for the ‘treatment’.” Feng Xindou thought to him with her eye closed up.
“It’s high-quality,” Su Yang thought to her in the calm speech, “Although some might dislike it, I don’t brain it. Actually, it makes you turn up more adult and unique.”
Section 690 Dealing with Feng Xindou
Chapter 690 Managing Feng Xindou
“Effectively, that is likely what would’ve occured when i didn’t arrive here accidentally,” Su Yang said to her.
After a simple explanation, Su Yang tossed the tablet into his mouth before crus.h.i.+ng it in reference to his pearly whites and enjoying some water. After he put together the product and the standard water inside his mouth area, Su Yang launched Feng Xindou’s oral cavity in reference to his palms before feeding the treatment to her through his lips.
“Hm?” Su Yang raised his eye-brows in the marginally shocked fashion.
Since experiencing hair down there for females is noted as unhygienic, unladylike, and disliked by many guys who choose their women ‘pure’ and ‘spotless’, the majority of women usually hold that area neat and sparkling by removing the locks with medicine or using a cultivation process that reduces frizzy hair from rising down there.
“I thought… I thought I was going to pass on while working in that horrifying declare for your remainder of my life…” she mumbled with teary eye sometime later on.
“Un…” Feng Xindou nodded her brain somewhat before shutting down her eyeballs just as before.
“Un…” Feng Xindou nodded her go slightly before closing her eyes once again.
“What else must be finished, savior? I’ll do just about anything you will need!” she quickly believed to him, as she choose to expire than come back to that pathetic and horrifying declare.
“Su Yang…”
“Don’t prosper of your self just yet— one has not completely retrieved. The fact is, our company is only halfway there,” Su Yang believed to her.
“Un…” Feng Xindou nodded her head marginally before shutting her sight yet again.
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“That is only a short-term experience due to the fact I’d immersed your entire body in treatments for just two overall days or weeks now. When I don’t finish my solution, you’ll simply go back to that corpse-like status several weeks later on.”
“Effectively, that is most probably what would’ve transpired when i didn’t are available here accidentally,” Su Yang believed to her.
“This really is a supplement that will help retrieve some durability its content has some Intense Qi of the Yang Factor on the inside, which supports you subdue your Yin Qi with a certain degree.”
Right at the end of the subsequent day time, Feng Xindou not appeared malnourished and came out no different than another wholesome girls, even appearing mighty beautiful together soft pores and skin along with a wonderful light complexion.
“Whenever we will continue to deal with you exactly the same way We have been managing you over the past two times, it’ll have numerous 2 or 3 weeks, even several weeks to fully cure yourself, and there’ll turn into a lack challenge for your products useful to make the treatment. Thus, I am going to pace the task up by literally pressing you, for those who don’t intellect.”
Section 690 Managing Feng Xindou

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